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CRC 9/30/2018 Kavanaugh Confirmation

The Gila County Republican Committee is concerned about allegations presented to the  U.S. Senate Judicial Committee regarding Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the lack of due process for the Judge.

To date, there has been no actionable evidence provided that law enforcement can pursue. What evidence is presented thus far by Professor Ford and the other accuser is vague and can’t be collaborated.

Judge Kavanaugh has NOT been afforded proper due process. The proper due process would have referred the allegations to local law enforcement for investigation and then deliver the results of that investigation to the Senate Judicial Committee.

The Gila County Republican Committee is reminded of an old, but famous, western movie called “The “Oxbow Incident”.

In the movie, a cowboy (Ford) barges into a saloon and announces that a well-known local rancher has been shot and killed by rustlers. Cowboys in the saloon (Democrats) quickly form an illegal posse which is opposed by the town Sheriff (Chairman Chuck Grassley).

They find three cowboys herding cattle. The cowboys claim they purchased the cattle from the rancher before he was killed, but do not have a bill of sale.

The captured cowboys are not taken to town to be interviewed by the Sheriff. The posse (Democrats) spends the evening debating the guilt of the three and determines that they are guilty and will be lynched (term for an illegal hanging) at sunrise. The lynching (Committee hearing) takes place at sunrise, and three innocent men are hanged.

Returning to town, the illegal posse is met by the sheriff who announces the rancher who was assumed dead was only wounded and is alive and the real bandits have been arrested.

Don’t let the Judicial Committee commit an “Oxbow Incident”.

What is known is that Judge Kavanaugh has an impeccable record as a judge and is fully qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice.

The Gila County Republican Committee of Arizona strongly recommends that the Senate support a vote immediately after this hearing, and that all Senate members vote to move the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation vote to the full Senate as soon as possible.

Gary Morris, Chairman

Gila County Republican Committee

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Gila County Republican Committee Opposes Four Proposed Citizen Initiatives on the November 2018 Ballot

The Gila County Republican Committee, at its August 18th Precinct Committeeman meeting, voted to oppose four of the state level propositions scheduled to be on the November ballot.

The approved motion stated;” The Gila County Republican Committee opposes the four state initiatives because passage would change the Arizona State Constitution and believes the four questions should first be addressed by the state legislature”. The Committee recommended all four propositions be submitted the Arizona legislature for proper debate. The four state initiatives are:

  • The “Invest in Ed Act”
  • The “Outlaw Dirty Money Act”
  • The “Clean Energy for Healthy Arizona Act”
  • The “Protect Arizona Taxpayer Act”

The primary concern was that passage of any of the propositions would become part of the Arizona Constitution, and therefore could not be adjusted, altered, or ceased in any way without a hugely expensive financial burden on taxpayers to return the question to a vote of the public.

The Committee was also concerned that the four initiatives are intentionally attempting to by-pass the legitimate legislative responsibility and the need for a thorough and open public debate on the initiatives pro’s and con’s. The Committee is further concerned that paid political ads in favor of passage will not constitute a fair and balanced “debate” and will be one sided with an agenda – particularly when the opposition cannot raise the funding necessary to counter the argument.

It should also be noted that the initiative process is also foreign to the United States Constitution. The initiative process cannot be found anywhere in the Constitution, and for good reason. The Founding Fathers placed a heavy burden of deliberation on government, and the legislative process, to ensure a thorough and deliberate public debate occurs on matters affecting the Constitution along with a high mark of two thirds vote before the Constitution can be amended.

Therefore, the Founding Fathers established Article 5 of the Constitution which states; “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution.”

The Gila County Republican Committee is further concerned about whether there is a real pubic need for the initiatives and worries about their consequences…READ MORE:

Download the entire document: GCRC 2018 Opposes Initiatives

The Reagan Day Dinner on Thursday, August 23, 2018 was another BIG SUCCESS!

Special Guest Speakers: Governor Doug Ducey & Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar

Gov. Doug Ducey

With a mission to make Arizona the best state in the country to live, work, do business and get an education, Governor Ducey and state leaders got to work. Today, Arizona’s budget is balanced. Business is thriving. And public schools continue to improve.The governor remains committed to what he has identified as his top priorities: growing the economy, creating and supporting 21st-century jobs, promoting educational excellence, protecting our communities and restoring fiscal responsibility – all without raising taxes on hardworking Arizonans. A strong Arizona is an Arizona that ensures “Opportunity For All.” Governor Ducey has pledged to work every day to make that vision a reality.

Cong. Dr. Paul Gosar

Congressman Dr. Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S., is serving his fourth term in Congress as the Representative from Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District. First elected in 2010, he came to Congress with no prior political experience. Paul believes that the Constitution is the cornerstone of our Republic, and always pursues policies that allow for more individual liberty and less government involvement. Dr. Gosar is focused on bringing jobs back to the district, fighting illegal immigration and securing the border, challenging the status quo and holding Washington bureaucrats accountable, cutting wasteful government spending, and ensuring that he is representing the interests of his constituents.

The delicious buffet dinner was catered by the casino. Prime rib was the chef’s special recipe entree with sauces and desserts to die for. Tickets


2018 Annual Lincoln Day Dinner Friday March 2 was a HUGE success!

Our Gila GOP members greatly appreciate the hard work and many contributions by those who made this year’s dinners happen.

Donations accepted contact Gila County Republican Committee.

Giovanna Morfín Vázquez to #WalkAway CampaignHi everyone and happy 4th of July ! My name is Giovanna and I’m the daughter of two Mexican immigrants. My mother came here legally, but my father did not. However, he did not lallygag around and waste time. I remember when he was telling me that there would be a possibility of him being deported when Obama was president, but fortunately, he became a US citizen this year! 

But why did I #walkaway ?

Read more….

Gila County Republicans to Have a Grand Opening of Payson Headquarters

Effective June 4, 2018, the Gila County Republican Committee has opened its Payson headquarters located at 307 South Beeline Highway. The facility will be staffed by volunteers on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. The public is welcomed to drop in for a visit anytime.

The Committee has scheduled a public Grand Opening for the facility for Saturday, June 16th from 9 AM to 11 AM.  Republican candidates for local, county, state and federal elected offices have been invited. Refreshments will be provided. This offers the public an opportunity to meet and talk to candidates about a variety of issues.

The Grand Opening also offers an opportunity for any resident of Gila County can register to vote, or, the change a voter registration to the Republican party.

Also attending will be officers of the Rim Country Republican Club (Payson), the Cobre Valley Republican Club (Globe), and the Payson Tea Party which also offers the public to visit with this Republican leadership.

President Trump’s Inaugural Address January 2017


President Trump’s Inauguration Speech (PDF Document)

~ North Korean Defectors thank President Trump and his supporters! ~

President Trump’s State of the Union Address January 2018

Lincoln Day Dinner FunLincoln Day Dinner 2017A good time was had by all at the 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner in Payson, Arizona on March 11th. Congressmen Paul Gosar and Arizona State Treasurer Jeff Dewitt were the keynote speakers; both gave great speeches to a very appreciative full house.

From left to right: Rep. Bob Thorpe, Rep. David Cook, Rep. Brenda Barton, Congressmen Dr. Paul Gosar, Pres. Abe Lincoln (Dean Younker), Senator Sylvia Allen and Gila County Supervisor Woody Cline.


Gila County Elected Officials* Term of Office 2017 – 2020 ** Term of Office 2015 – 2018


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Payson Tea Party Meets Tuesdays

The Payson Tea Party meets the every Tuesday night, from 6:00-7:45 pm, at Tiny’s Family Restaurant, 600 E. Hwy 260 in Payson. (That is about 1/4 mile east of the SR 87/Hwy 260 intersection on the north side of the street) We have a short business meeting before our speaker begins the program about 6:30pm.

Rim Country Republican Club

The Rim Country Republican Club meets at Tiny’s Family Restaurant, 600 E. Hwy 260 in Payson. (That is about 1/4 mile east of the SR 87/Hwy 260 intersection on the north side of the street) the last Monday of the month.  Members and guests may gather at 11:00 AM to order lunch and to socialize.  Beginning at 11:30 AM   Everyone is welcome to attend.  Call Cliff Potts at (928) 978-2960 for more information.

Cobre Valley Republican Club

The Cobre Valley Republican Club meets at Bernard’s Coffee Station (or as advertised) on the 4rd Saturday of every month, 725 West Ash Street, Globe, AZ 85501 at 9:30am. Contact Judy Alexander, President (928) 701-2195 or email. cobrevalleyrc@gmail.com

Learn more about what is happening with the Gila County Republicans on the Monthly Meetings page or contact Shirley Dye at 928-951-6774.

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