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Precinct Committeemen/Committeewomen

Precinct Committeemen ARE the Republican Party of Gila County!

We are looking for active Republican Party volunteers in Gila County to train as election poll workers and watchers, event coordinators and Precinct Committeemen/Committeewomen. From these we elect State Committeemen.

As elected neighborhood officials, they represent civil government to the voters and represent the voters to civil government. They help voters understand the issues and meet the candidates.

In Arizona, The Precinct Committeeman/Committeewoman are not just the most important elected officials in the Republican Party – but are the dedicated men and woman who hold this position as the foundation of our grassroots efforts in all 15 counties of Arizona.

A Precinct Committeeman is a party representative at the grassroots (voter) level. Precinct committeemen are appointed by the Party Chairman in the interim between elections or actually elected by voters in their precinct during general election years.

Where there is a vacancy between elections the Republican Chairman can appoint a registered Republican who resides in the precinct as a precinct committeeman to fill the vacancy. He or she must be a registered Republican residing in that precinct to be placed on the ballot for the next election.

A precinct committeeman’s job is to deliver the maximum Republican votes in the precinct. As you can see, this is why the precinct committeeman is the most important, and most critical, official in the Republican Party’s structure! (Read this great article!)

Training is held at monthly PC meetings as announced. If you are interested in becoming a Precinct Committeeman, contact Precinct Committeeman Coordinator Shirley Dye at 928-951-6774 or leave a message at 928-468-1131.