Congratulations Newly Elected Precinct Committeemen and Women

Congratulations! All 136 of you who filed petitions with up to ten signatures, or filled out a “write in” nomination page last April and May were declared “elected” by the Gila County Board of Supervisors at their June 7th, 2022 Supervisors meeting.  Since we did not have any more candidates than the allotted number per precinct, none of your names had to appear on the Primary Election Ballot. For those who did not re apply to become a PC again, your term expired on September 30th. You can still participate as an Associate PC, or be Appointed for the next year if there is an opening in your precinct. And, of course, you’ll will always be welcome at our PC meetings.

To you 136 newly elected PCs, your two-year term started on October 1st 2022 and does not expire until end of September 2024.  There are several ways you can participate right away now that you are officially an elected official of Gila County and the state of Arizona.  Join us to…

  1.  Help get out the vote for the November 8th General Election.  (Register voters, make calls, walk precincts, talk to neighbors, club, and church friends. Be a poll worker or observer.  Literature/training available at Headquarters) 
  2. Help find like-minded friends to step up and fill the 36 remaining vacant precinct slots to serve as Appointed or Associate PC’s. Most of the vacancies exist in southern Gila County.
  3. At the Gila County Republican Committee (GCRC) Mandatory meeting November 19th, 2022, you can vote to elect officers, or be a candidate for an GCRC Executive Board Officer position for the next two years. The Committee will be voting for Chairman, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, 3rd Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Please note it’s also the practice of the GCRC executive board to invite the Presidents (or representatives) of the Rim County Republican Club, Cobre Valley Republican Club, Pleasant Valley Republican Club and the Payson Tea Party to the monthly GCRC executive board meeting to jointly manage our efforts to get Republicans elected.

The GCRC By Laws also allow the Chairman to appoint PC’s positions such as the PC Recruiter/Coordinator, District Chairs, Fundraising Chair, social media and other positions.  There will be many opportunities for you to apply your own expertise to enhance the GCRC’s capabilities. (Let us know if you are interested in any of these positions)

  • At the same November 19th GCRC Mandatory meeting we also be electing State Committeemen. We are allowed one State Committeeman for every three elected PCs which gives us 45 SC positions to be filled by elections at the November meeting. SCs are the Gila County Republican Committee’s representatives to the Republican Party of Arizona (aka AZGOP) Statutory meeting, Saturday, January 28th, 2023 and again January 2024, in Phoenix.  If more than 45 nominees are on the SC ballot in November, the others beyond 45 will be ranked by votes obtained and would be deemed Alternates to fill in if a SC cannot attend the January meeting. As a State Committeeman attending the State meeting you help elect State Party officers and Members At Large from each Congressional District; and, vote on state bylaws, resolutions, etc. Rural AZ needs a strong voice. It’s Gila County’s opportunity to set the direction of the State Party.
  • Following the General Election, in 2023, the GCRC will immediately begin the 2024 general election effort to get a republican elected President of the United States. This will be a higher priority than any time in the past. We will continue to maintain a Republican Headquarters facility into 2024 along with bi monthly PC meetings, events featuring our statewide and local officials and candidates to hold them accountable, contact officials on bills they should support or oppose, , hold fundraising events, and educate citizens on the issues via print, social, and radio media.
  • The success of our next two years will be the most critical in American history and we invite you to join us at this critical time.

If you have questions regarding Precinct Committeemen/woman activities or you are interested taking a PC position, contact the GCRC Precinct Committeemen/woman Coordinator Jane Evans at, or call her at 480-244-9722

If you are interested in nominating yourself to run for a GCRC officer position at the November 19th PC meeting in Payson, please email Gary Morris at to be placed on the ballot, or call Gary at 602-803-7366 to learn what the office requires.

If you are interested in nominating yourself to be a State Committeeman, please email Jane Evans to be placed on the ballot, or call her at480-244-9722

There will be two elections and two separate ballots at the November Mandatory meeting; one for the six GCRC Executive Offices, the other for State Committeemen. 

We hope you will consider joining the leadership team for the Gila County Republican Party, and become a State Committeeman for the Arizona Republican Party. 

Contact GCRC Chairman Gary Morris   602-803-7366 or Shirley Dye   928-951-6774