Executive Board

Gila County Republican Committee Officers

Gila County Republican Committee number is 928-476-1040

Chairman Gary Morris 

Gary has been a registered Republican since graduating from high school. After his enlistment in the U.S. Air Force, he served 30 years in public service reaching an assistant department head in one metropolitan city, a department head in another large city, and a department head for an Arizona county organization.

He has also served as an Arizona authorized agency lobbyist for several years working with state legislators as well as lobbying U.S. Representatives and Senators in Washington, D.C. on a number of issues. He had the privilege of personally meeting both Vice President Cheney and President Bush on separate occasions.

1st Vice Chairman Andy McKinney 

Andy McKinney has embraced retirement with a vengeance.  After 30 years in Alaska, he has lived in Rim Country since 2005.  He is the author of The Armed Forces of Iran and A Gross of Zombies, a collection of 144 reviews of Zombie movies.  In keeping with his volume on Zombie movies, he writes a weekly column on current films for the local paper.

A fervent believer in Truth, Freedom, and the American Way he has served the Republican Party in a variety of ways.  He has been the Chair for Agitation and Propaganda for the Rim Country Republican Club for several years.  He currently aids both the RCRC and the official Gila County Republican Committee as a fundraiser.  Also at the county party level, he serves as the Gila County Republican Committee First Vice-Chair.  He is a Precinct Committeeman, past Precinct Captain, and has served as a State Committeeman for close to a decade but not currently.
Andy McKinney is a past president of the Rim Country Republican Club, a post he held for six years and enjoyed very much. He currently is serving his second term as a Star Valley Arizona town councilor.
He believes that the Grand Opportunity Party (GOP) is by far the best vehicle to advance the human condition in the United States.

2nd Vice Chairman Sam Moorhead

Sam first served in the Navy and as a Hospital Corpsman saw service attached to the Marine Corps during the Viet Nam war and completed two tours in Viet Nam.  After he finished college in 1972 Sam joined the Army and retired after a little over 14 years of service. After retirement, Sam began a teaching career.  He held a variety of teaching and special education teaching positions in New Mexico and Arizona.

In November 2012 he was elected to the Gila County Community College Board of Governors. His involvement in the Republican Party increased with his election to Precinct Committeeman and participation in the Cobre  Valley Republican Club in Globe.  In August 2012, Sam was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida

3rd Vice Chair


Glen is a native Lodi Californian who moved to Payson in 1991. He served honorably in the U.S. Navy for 4 years, attended the University of Oregon, then earned a BA in Psychology and continued his postgraduate education in Business Administration at California State University Sacramento.

He’s a Payson businessman and a dedicated Republican spanning a period exceeding 40 years. Glen has served in various capacities on local, state and national campaigns and issues including trips to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to hold our elected representatives accountable to “We the People”.

Glen is convinced our Constitutional Republic can only continue by God’s grace and by each of us exhibiting the same vision and principles modeled by the 56 authors and signers of The Declaration of Independence. Its final sentence explains the commitment required by us to maintain our Republic, “And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”