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“The whole number of precinct committeemen of a political party shall constitute the county committee of the party.” –from A.R.S. 16-821A as reprinted in Gila County Political Candidate Handbook (click to download your copy)

Precinct Committeeman quotas are reported by the County Recorder on March 1st of the year in which the general election is held. This year the Gila Republican Party has openings for additional people to represent their neighbors in the governing process.
This webpage is dedicated only for Gila County Precinct Committeemen–the “county committee of the party.” Browse the documents and check back regularly for PC tools and resources. In some places, the Precinct Committeeman is called the Precinct Captain.


WHY the Precinct Committeeman Strategy ground game is so important… (new page)

Forms & Information for PCs

Precinct & District Maps

(Revised every 10 years by the Redistricting Commission according to the U.S. Census)

Pres. Donald Trump 2016 Inauguration Speech

Pocket Constitution
Gila County PC Handbook
Precinct Quotas
PC Name Badge Order Form
PC Donation Collections Form
Voter Moved County Form

Precinct Captain Election Form
Application to Become a PC
GCRC Associate PC Appointment form 01/09/2014

PC Resignation Form
2016 Election Results

PRESENTATIONS (Enable external content if prompted)
Precinct Commandos PC Training Presentation PowerPoint
PC Training Payson Saturday Payson 12-9-17;
Globe 2-3-18

Gila County Republican Party Letter to Voters
Gila GOP Chairman’s Letter to Precinct Committeemen
Strategy to Fill All Precinct Slots With Conservatives
The Most Powerful Office In The World is NOT the President of the U.S.
Precinct Committeeman Recruiting Plan Gila County
“How Do I…?”

Voter Information Page
100-10-6 Program Form
30 Ways to Get Involved
To Walk My Precinct as a Precinct Committeeman
What Are The Responsibilities Of a Precinct Committeeman?
Voters’ Rights and Responsibilities
GCRC PC Calling Card
GOP-DEM Platform Comparison
Block Captain Handbook
The Precinct Captain
PC Recruiting Door Survey
Action for Activists What Can One Man Do?
How to Blind Copy Emails
Facebook Beginners Guide for Political Activists
Twittivism Manual
Social Networking Demonstration Protocol
Tips for Communicating with Congress
Tips for Writing to Your Senator
Sample Door-To-Door Canvassing Script-1
Literature Distribution Options
How To Hold Voter Registration Drive
Organizing for Door to Door Canvassing
Instructions for Door to Door Canvassing
Pointers for Door to Door Canvassing
The Education of the Community Organizer
Fundraiser or Dinner Checklist
Hosting a Backyard Potluck Dinner or BBQ
Hot Dog Picnic Ice Cream Socials Backyard Barbecue
Did Your Senator/Congressman Vote Constitutionally?
My Experience as Precinct Chair and Judge
A Letter to Veterans
To All My Valued Employees-Your Job is in Jeopardy!
PC Door Survey
Precinct Voter Poll
Survey on the Economy
Using a Parade Float
Using a Booth at Fairs & Meetings
Post It Note Campaign GCRC
Tips for Communicating with Congress
Tips for Writing to Your Senator
My Voter Registration was DENIED (They Let an Illegal Vote) 
(This is a Lawyer Poll Watcher Review)
What is a Resolution?
First They Came For…
You Are Here!
Youth Outreach Recruiting