Why Socialism?

Most interesting, we also have a column on Bernie Sanders ‘socialism’ by Cass Sunstein, a former Obama appointee:

President Donald Trump was entirely right to reject “new calls to adopt socialism in our country.” He was right to add that “America was founded on liberty and independence — not government coercion,” and to “renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” …socialism calls for government ownership or control of the means of production. By contrast, capitalism calls for private ownership and control — for a robust system of property rights. In capitalist systems, companies and firms, both large and small, are generally in private hands. In socialist systems, the state controls them. …Socialist systems give public officials a great deal of authority over prices, levels of production and wages. …Whether we are speaking of laptops or sneakers, coffee or candy bars, umbrellas or blankets, markets establish prices, levels of production and wages on the basis of the desires, the beliefs and the values of countless people. No planner can possibly do that. …Those who now favor large-scale change should avoid a term, and a set of practices, that have so often endangered both liberty and prosperity.

Narrated by Gloria Alvarez, it looks at the grim evidence of socialism from Cuba and Venezuela.

Democrats and Independents…DUDE—ARE YOU LISTENING????

Great Black Patriots Part 1 https://youtu.be/E4E9mEbLSOQ

Great Black Patriots Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34kqgPZrUME
Why I am a Republican



Ex-liberal who started #Walkaway campaign says ‘oppressive’ Left has drowned out ‘common sense’

The #Walkaway campaign has helped thousands of disillusioned Democrats regain their own voices and push back against “oppression” and incivility from the Left, the movement’s founder told RT in an interview.

Jim Fitzgerald: I’m walking away from the Vermont Democratic Party

By Jim Fitzgerald, candidate for St. Albans state representative, Franklin 3-1

As a proud Democrat, I was elected to represent St. Albans in the Vermont state  legislature for six years, and after that I served as mayor of St. Albans for four years. This year I am running for the legislature again … but as a Republican.

Yes, a Vermont Republican.

Why? Because Vermont Democrats, at least the ones serving in Montpelier, aren’t Democrats anymore. They’re Progressives who have taken over our proud party and replaced our values with a high tax, anti-jobs, anti-Vermonter agenda that is making it impossible for the people who live here to live here.

The Democratic Party I was a part of looked out for the working Vermonter and respected the working Vermonter. We respected traditional Vermont values, such as frugality and local control. So, tell me how does trying to pass a punishing, regressive carbon tax on gasoline and heating fuel on people struggling to make ends meet in a cold, rural state where people are dependent on their vehicles to work and their furnaces to survive translate into looking out for the little guy? It doesn’t.

The Vermont I know and love is special because of the hard working people who made it this way: small business owners, the people who run the general stores, the inns and hotels, the gas stations and restaurants, and family farms. So, tell me how does trying to pass new payroll taxes, higher rooms and meals taxes, and higher and higher property taxes help these people succeed? It doesn’t.

But, this is the agenda of the Progressives, and they have hijacked the Vermont Democratic Party as part of their plan to these policies into effect. Sadly, they have been very successful, but not to the benefit of our state or its people.

You don’t believe me? Just look at who the elected leaders of today’s “Democratic” Party are. The Lieutenant Governor runs as a Democrat, but he’s really a Progressive. The leader of the Senate runs as a Democrat, but he’s really a Progressive. The same goes for the State Auditor, and a growing number of representatives and senators. The Vermont Democratic Party is no longer run by Democrats, ergo, it has ceased to be the Democratic Party. I’m not leaving it, it has left me.

I have too many friends and family who have had to leave Vermont because our state policies, under this Progressive agenda masquerading under the Democratic banner, have simply become too hostile for working class people to survive.

I do not want this trend to continue, and, as Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. So, I’m giving the Vermont Republican Party a try because Vermont is my home and I want to be able to stay here. If you want to stay, #WalkAway!

Jim Fitzgerald is a former Democratic representative from St. Albans and St. Albans mayor. He is running for the Vermont House again as a Republican.

Giovanna Morfín Vázquez to #WalkAway Campaign

 Well, I was raised in Oregon, and started learning about politics in my private middle school. I remember that we were encouraged to write about America’s problems and that I was brainwashed to think that America was some unfair country. 

When I started high school, more and more people started hating America because it was the cool and hip thing to do. Then I thought to myself, “why do I hate America?” And I couldn’t find a reason to hate it. This country brought so many opportunities to my family and I. As more people started disliking this country and its Republicans/conservatives, I started liking it more and more. 

I noticed how democrats are often hypocritical and don’t actually care about my people. They just want to seem like they’re doing the “right” thing. They only care when I tell them that I’m a female minority, but lose interest as soon as they see my skin color, they learn that I’m not a feminist, they learn that I’m conservative, and that I just don’t want to sit around and complain about this country’s problems. I want to actually fix them. I want more young people to be aware of these things. I don’t want democrats or liberals to think that I’m another mindless crony to brainwash. I’m a young Latina that can think for herself. That’s why I chose to #walkaway . Thanks for reading..

Ex-liberal who started #Walkaway campaign says ‘oppressive’ Left has drowned out ‘common sense’

The #Walkaway campaign has helped thousands of disillusioned Democrats regain their own voices and push back against “oppression” and incivility from the Left, the movement’s founder told RT in an interview.

Darlene EliaJuly 5 at 11:19 PM

I remember my excitement when I was allowed to cast a ballot in a presidential election. It was my first real step into adulthood. My family never really talked about politics….until there was an election coming up. But it was my grandmother who got me on the Democrat band-wagon. I was told the Republican party is for the rich (which we definitely were not) and they were all about advancing only themselves. They didn’t care about the homeless, the minorities, the struggling working class and unions.
So at 19 years old my first presidential vote went to Bill Clinton; and every Democrat on the ballot. Didn’t care who it was…if it said Democrat under their name, they got my vote. This went on for years. Then 9/11 happened and I decided to leave my comfy desk job and become a police officer. I used to get teased for being a Democrat. One Sergeant told me, “Give it a few years and you will change your mind.” I just laughed. When Obama came into the spotlight I was intrigued, excited and so hopeful. Finally, a black president!!! The racial tensions in our country were going to finally be healed. We were all going to come together and live in peace and harmony. I could not wait to check the box next to his name on the ballot. When he was sworn in I watched the entire inauguration! I had never cared in the past….Obama made me proud to be an American.

Then it all fell apart. Since Obama’s second term, racial tensions have soared! Police officers have been vilified, targeted and murdered. Our veterans are commiting suicide at a rate of 22 per day. Our open borders are allowing millions of gang members, murderers, child molesters and drug and human traffickers into the country. We have homeless veterans and children on the streets. How do the Democrats respond?? They pick Hillary Clinton as their candidate! I watched in horror as they pushed her political agenda and assumed all women would vote for her….well, because she is a woman. The arrogance of the Democrats to think that women just viote based on gender! Well they were wrong about this woman right here. Hillary Clinton stood by and did nothing while her husband sexually assaulted numerous women over several decades. I was a sexual assault detective during her first presidential bid! She made me physically ill with her enabling of her husband’s behavior. And then Bengahzi happened! That was my defining moment. I put the glass of Kool Aid down and started to pay attention. I chose to #walkaway.

Trump said everything I was thinking. He wasn’t a politician, in anybody’s back pocket, and spoke from the heart without a care as to what the media or Democrats hurled at him. I jumped on that Trump train, put my waders on and watched as he started to drain the swamp. I knew I made the right choice when the Democrats and Liberals put pink pussy hats on their heads and paraded around calling anyone who disagreed with them a racist, homophobe, mysoginyst and nazi.
I am none of those things. I am a woman, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a companion and a police officer. I do not care what color you are, which supreme being you pray to (or don’t), your sexual orientation, your gender, your nationality, or whether you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Liberal, Green Party, etc….. I will come when you call. I will afford everyone the same compassion, respect, empathy and professionalism no matter where you are on the spectrum. I will never again vote for someone based on their party affiliation. I will vote for those who truly want to make and keep America great again!

I recently joined the #WalkAway Facebook group and was moved reading a number of posts from former lifelong Democrats by members of just about every minority group imaginable (LGBT, black, Latino, Jewish, Muslim, etc.).  They are done with the Democratic Party, figuratively walking away from it.  They have finally woken up to the fact that the party has veered too far left and suffers from a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Read More