Trump supporters being killed

Payson Roundup Newspaper October 11, 2022


On Sept. 1, from the White House, with a red lit background, reminiscent of a communist dictator’s speech, President Biden called MAGA Republicans “extremist” multiple times. The week prior, in a speech in Maryland, he called Republicans “semi-fascists,” also multiple times. These speeches were more than inflammatory and inciteful. They were an instigator.

Two weeks later, a North Dakota 911 emergency center received a call from a man who declared he had just run over a “Republican extremist.” Caylor Ellingson, 18, died from his injuries.

The national news media buried this tragedy for three weeks before it broke onto the national scene.

But wait, there’s more killing of Republicans by Democrats.

We all can remember the Democrat Bernie Sanders supporter who opened fire on nearly two dozen Republican congressmen at a baseball field, wounding six and nearly killing Louisiana Congressman Scalise.

Do you know Bernell Trammell? He was a black man in Milwaukie, and Trump supporter, and store owner. Trammell had multiple Trump signs in the store’s windows. A killer walked in, expressed dislike for Trump, and shot Trammell dead.

Or William Knight, in Florida, and a staunch Trump supporter, who was stabbed to death following an argument over politics.

Then there is Aaron Danielson, another Trump supporter who was stalked by a Democrat and shot dead in Portland.

Or Paul Jones, a black man and Trump supporter shot dead while leaving a Trump rally.

And George Jennings, also a Trump supporter, who was shot twice in the head and killed by his neighbor.

And there are other deaths.

A February 2020, article titled “Hundreds of Documented Hate Crimes Against Trump Supporters” cites 389 known hate crimes against Trump supporters across the country. The study covered a period of September 2015 through February 2020. Another similar article found 332 hate crimes.

In addition to murder, these crimes include physical assaults (nearly killing some), vandalism, and arson.

A thorough Google search did not find Republicans assaulting or killing Democrats.

It is clear President Biden’s inciteful speech motivated the killer of the teenager (the killer used the president’s words “Republican extremist” in the 911 call).

Further, the Democrat accepted culture that it’s OK to assault or kill a Republican needs to end. And the best way to end it is to vote Democrats out of office at all levels.

Gary P Morris, chairman, Gila County Republican Party