Stopping the Steal

More articles on how the 2020 General Election was STOLEN:

The Georgia Special Election for U.S. Senate

Unless President Trump prevails and retains the presidency, the Democrats will hold both branches of the Federal Government: The Presidency and the House of Representatives. If Democrats win the two Senate seats in the Georgia Special Election, they will have the majority in the U.S. Senate as well, and government will go out of control. The only way for Republicans to hold the line until the midterm elections in 2022 (where Republicans will also have a chance to gain control of the House), is to hold the majority in the U.S. Senate by electing the two Republican candidates in Georgia.

Since the loss in these U.S. Senate seats will negatively affect ALL Americans, including Arizonians, you can support these two Georgia Senate candidates by going to:  

President Trump’s Fraud Complaints

Illegal Altering of Election Law

The U.S. Constitution Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2, mandates that only a state legislature shall be responsible for establishing, or altering, election law – NOT governors, courts or others.

Yet, a number of governors, or secretaries of state, or their top election official, unilaterally, and illegally, changed election law by ordering mass ballot mailings, new voter registration deadlines and other ploys. This violates the U.S. Constitution, as well as state constitutions, which declare that only the legislatures in each state can change state election law.

Additionally, some state officials also illegally altered election law by extending the dates when the ballots must be tabulated – some as long as 14 days (thus allowing a voter to become aware of published voter counts before submitting their vote – which could alter the election outcome). In other cases, they illegally waiver requirements for signature validation.

These violations of election law appear to be the President’s strongest argument which should go to the U.S. Supreme Court. It should rule that the elections in those states that illegally altered election law are invalid and should order a special election and mandate all forms of pre-existing law and procedures shall be followed.

More Votes Than Registered Voters

In a large number of counties across the country, there are more votes than actual registered voters. What’s even more egregious is that when one considers that the typical voter turnout around the country ranged from 60 to 80 percent, it is even more apparent that there is clearly voter fraud.

Dead and Unregistered Voters

Data shows persons listed as deceased, along with unregistered, or illegal voters, also cast ballots throughout the country. These ballots should be thrown out.

Down Ballot Republican Candidates Got More Votes Than President Trump

In many areas across the country, where Joe Biden won, there are cases where “down ballot” Republican candidates received a greater number of votes than did President Trump. This widespread trend is very unusual, and statisticians say, this is nearly statistically impossible (that President Trump would get substantially fewer votes).

Late Arriving/Fraudulent Ballots

There are many cases of “missing” ballots suddenly popping up or arriving late in the ballot tabulation process. In one case, security video, as well as affidavits (affidavits reflect late arriving ballots at the dock–often in unauthorized containers) show these illegal containers contain fraudulent ballots at a number of ballot counting facilities.

In another case, 160,000 ballots popped up–only having a vote for Joe Biden (with no down ballot votes since there was no time for fraud teams to mark the whole ballot for other candidates).

In additional cases, election supervisors illegally shut down the ballot tabulation process in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason except to allow additional time for fraudulent ballots to be created and delivered. It’s statistically almost impossible for all 160,000 ballots in one location to only vote for a single candidate.

Refusal to Conduct Signature Cross Check

In a number of states, election officials illegally suspended legally mandated cross check of the signature on the ballot envelop with registration records to verify a legitimate voter. This must be done before the ballot is removed. Once the ballot is removed and processed there is no way to track, or remove, a secret but illegal ballot from the count. Where this illegal activity occurred, that election should be ruled invalid and a special election should be ordered.

Dominion Voting Machines

The Dominion voter machines are manufactured by a foreign company and have a troubled history of being easily hacked (manipulated). The state of Texas repeatedly refused to purchase these machines despite strong marketing efforts by this foreign company–and for good reason. Inaccuracies were discovered in a large number of counties on election day and during the count. From a homeland security perspective, why would any county election department purchase foreign manufactured voting machines with that vulnerability? But Maricopa County and other counties did!

Computer experts and mathematicians have demonstrated that the Dominion voter machines can be hacked and manipulated to strip votes, or change a percentage of votes from President Trump to Joe Biden. Further, the vote data was electronically transmitted out of the country to Barcelona, Spain, then on to Frankfurt, Germany, before arriving at a vote tabulation center in the U.S. This routing action reeks of hacking possibilities.

Attorneys for the company argue that the final count matched the number of ballots cast; but experts have demonstrated that algorithms could skim a single percent of a vote from a ballot cast and put it to another candidate.

All the Dominion machines should be immediately impounded by a court for a forensic analysis. The election certification by a secretary of state should be withheld until the analysis is completed, and authorized by a court.

Observers Denied Access to The Vote Count Process

In countless locations across the country, legally authorized Republican observers were illegally prevented from reasonable access to observe the counting process, including physical barriers blocking views and illegally increasing observation distances. In Philadelphia, the local sheriff refused a judge’s order to correct the observation violations of law.

The Court System

President Trump has lost some rulings in the lower courts. The reader must understand the legal process must first start in the lower courts and work its way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court has yet to review and rule.

Loss of Voter Confidence

Recent polls reflect a nearly complete loss in confidence in clean and fair elections across the country.


In a recent poll, only 3 percent of Trump voters believe Biden won the election. In another poll, 63 percent believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

The Future

Every voting system of integrity in every county should have at least these basic procedures:

  1. Every vote shall equal only one vote;
  2. One voter casts only one vote;
  3. All ballots shall be anonymous;
  4. No voting by mail unless certified by an election official;
  5. Every person has a right to vote—but not necessarily be counted;
  6. Voters with questionable identity are accepted as provisional voters, even if litigated in the future;
  7. Ensure compliance with existing election law and procedures as stipulated in state and federal statute; in Arizona Revised Statutes this is Title 16—Elections and Electors;
  8. Should retain and secure a paper ballot to counter any electronic manipulation, with records preserved securely forever as part of collective history, and made available for inspection to any U.S. citizen of that jurisdiction.
  9. No ballot machine should have internet capability;
  10. All voter check-in computers should have “real time”, encrypted internet capability for the vote at the individual poll locations to also show at a central county recording location. Vote tallying shall be available to anyone by appointment, streamed live and recorded securely forever as part of collective history, made available for inspection to any U.S. citizen of that jurisdiction.

This method of vote tabulation was effective for two centuries in the United States. These multiple decentralized tabulation locations greatly reduce the risk of fraud, and each state can have a final count from each county election department in a few short hours.