Public comments to the Independent Redistricting Commission Needed ASAP


Public comments to the Independent Redistricting Commission Needed ASAP


The Independent Redistricting Commission is re-drawing Arizona legislative district boundaries based on the new census data from 2020. There are 30 legislative districts in Arizona. Based on census data each district should have a resident population of about 230,000.

The primary goal assigned to the Commission is to develop districts based on “community of interests”. For the new district 7 for the Gila County region, community of interests would be rural communities, ranching, farming, the copper mining industry, forest lands, etc.

The Commission has conducted two hearings in Payson for community input. In the first hearing, Gila County residences strongly requested the Commission to adhere to the “community of interest” goals. And the Commission did so by producing a very acceptable map of the new district.

The Commission held a second hearing in Payson on December 1st where more than 350 people attended! NINETY-FIVE speakers signed up to speak. 90 percent of those stated they supported the Commissions new district map (identified as 10.2). The hearing was the largest turn out and the longest list of speakers in all their hearings

The audience and speakers had learned that the Coconino County Board of Supervisors had passed a resolution to support inserting Flagstaff into the new district. NINETY PERCENT of the speakers adamantly stated they did not want the urban Flagstaff population inserted into the new district! There is no “community of interest” from an urban population entering a rural district.

The Commission disregarded the publics input and inserted Flagstaff into the new district – thus diluting rural community interests at the State Capitol in developing legislation which benefits rural Arizona.


We are asking Payson area Republicans to call and/or email (both preferred) the Commission to restore the previous 10.2 map and absorb the eastern White Mountain towns into that new district.

 Phone: 602-364-0240


Click here to comment on the IRC website it will read “Contact Us – Arizona Independent Commission

Click on the title

It brings up the comment boxes

Fill the boxes and click the blue box titled “submit”.

  • State that you are highly disappointed in the Commission’s latest District 7 map of the Gila County region that includes Flagstaff and excludes eastern towns.
  • State that the Commission disregarded the public comments at the December 1st public hearing in Payson where 350 plus residents attended and 95 people spoke AND 90 percent stated they did not want Flagstaff in the new district.
  • There is nothing of “community of interest’ in inserting and urban area into a rural area
  • State strongly that you want the Commission to restore the previous 10.2 map and absorb the eastern towns into that new district

Please consider 2 or 3 other comments listed below. Try to say them in your own words

  • You like that fact that the Commision applied “Communities of Interest” as a priority factor in the 10.2 map.
  • State the state wide mapping models at the Payson meeting looked well balanced and should be adopted.
  • Adamantly state that you don’t want Flagstaff in our district, no demonstrated community of Interest for that move.
  • We don’t support pushing District 7 onto the reservation, there are no “common interests” there.
  • Tell them to please continue their commitment to the six mandates described in law for the map design.
  • Tell them to stay focused on the big picture and don’t get bogged down with low priority issues.

If there is anything you left out of your in-person testimony because of the two-minute time limit, now is the time to add it back in.

For example, if your previous testimony focused on your legislative district, it is important to also submit an online comment regarding your congressional district.

Here’s how to submit a public comment online:

  1. Read our guide on How to Write Effective Community of Interest Testimony [If you cannot access this link, try this one...]
  2. You can review your completed testimony by sending a copy to the Fair Maps Statewide Director Jay Wilson at
    1. He will reply via email and set up a call with you
    2. He will answer any questions you have
  3. When you have your comment in satisfactory form, visit the commission’s website at the link above, and fill out the public comment form.
    1. Enter your information, copy and paste your comment at the bottom, and hit submit.

Your comment will then be entered into the public record as required by law. Please also comment on our Gila County webpage.

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