Arizona Legislative Public Fact-finding Hearing 12-5-2020

Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen
Lightning Bolt Update, 12-5-20

Legislative Public Fact-finding Hearing

The Arizona Legislature Constitutionally is over elections in the State of Arizona.  It is our responsibility to see that elections are protected and safeguards are in place to protect your vote.  Nothing is more important to the continuation of our Republic than protecting the integrity of our elections.  I take this very seriously.  There is no doubt in my mind that the irregularities that were testified during the Hearing on December 30th make it impossible for Arizona to legally certify this election.  Arizona Eleven Electoral votes should not be counted for Vice President Biden.

On Monday November 30th, I was part of a Legislative Public Fact-finding Hearing on Election Integrity Panel called to hear testimony from many individuals concerning the November 3rd General Election.

Chairman was Representative Mark Finchem, Members included.  Representatives Nancy Barto, Kelly Townsend, Davie Cook, Brent Roberts, Leo Biasiucci.  Senators included; Sonny Borrelli, Dave Gowin, and myself.

It was held at the Hyatt Hotel, downtown Phoenix, at 9 am, and ended 7:45pm that evening. I am going to list highlights of the 10-hour long hearing from my notes.  Testimony was given concerning Maricopa and Pima Counties.

President Trump’s teams of lawyers attended and Mayor Giuliani and Jenna Ellis testified before the panel.

First to testify was a man on Giuliani’s team who is a retired Army Colonel, who for 20 years was in Cybersecurity and investigated cybercrime in the military.  He talked about the Dominion Machines which is owned by a Canadian company.   He showed us the user manual which has instructions on fractionized voting and says the machines are to be connected to the internet.   

These are the points he made:

  • Back up Servers – outside of Country but where?
  • The SGO software was created by Hugo Chavez, to be used in the Venezuela elections.
  • Can be broken into and changed in 2 minutes.
  • Can log in anywhere in the world
  • If hacker is outside of country, they can’t be prosecuted.
  • Anyone can communicate USB Drive use.
  • Merge all votes into mail in ballot votes.
  • You can erase and cover your tracks.
  • If we had the Server information it would tell you all the images and changes.
  • We don’t know where Maricopa county information went.

He ended by saying that your vote is not as safe as your Venmo account!

County workers did not handle or operate the machines.  Dominion employees operated the machines. Testimony was given that Dominion employees nightly downloaded voting information onto disks and those disks left the building with the employee. 

Arizona Election Code requires election officials at polling places and points where ballots are received via United States Postal Service to authenticate the signatures of in-person voters. Workers and observers testified to observing discrepancies in ballot handling, and that ballot chain of custody was breached in case after case.

We heard testimony that

  • poll watchers and observers were not allowed to be onsite or close enough to observe whether poll workers were following proper identification processes,
  • were made to stay seated and/or in a particular area far away from where voting activity was occurring,
  • were reprimanded for asking questions,
  • observed bias in voting i.e. some voters were made to vote a provisional ballot (often Pres. Trump supporters) while others were instructed to simply retrieve proof of residence,
  • improper and biased voting center activity when, in certain circumstances, workers were instructed to call the elections dept. for voter authorization as opposed to following standardized protocols applicable to all voters.

It was testified by two different individuals that

  • trays of mail-in ballots to be brought in to tabulating rooms to be properly and independently checked and counted by processing teams had already been pre-opened in the “mail-room”;  
  • batches/trays of ballots by the thousands in one 4 to 5-hour shift carried to rooms and offsite where they were not being overseen;
  • workers in the ballot processing room allowed to retain their personal purses/backpacks and observed rummaging through them, presenting opportunity for ballot tampering;  
  • ballots moved to rooms where there were no independent ballot watchers;
  • signatures on absentee ballots that did not match and thousands more in a 4 to 5-hour period not verified before being counted or “run through”, which alone, could comprise hundreds of thousands of ballots in Maricopa County alone, in which 1,875 million out of 2 million were cast by mail;
  • inadequate/improper oversight in which only one independent ballot observer from two different parties was assigned to observe the ballot processing activities of 90 tables at one time.

We heard testimony that election observers witnessed:

  • computers and laptops with internet connection capability in the tabulation centers;
  • that over-votes for Pres. Trump were not counted even when voter intent was clear;
  • some ballots were changed from Pres. Trump to Mr. Biden but was never provided answers regarding how or when such was to be rectified;
  • 30 of the same signature on 30 different ballots but the Attorney General’s Election Fraud Unit was not notified.

Heard testimony and received evidence that

  • through extraordinary means the vote count in some counties was electronically altered to award enough votes to a candidate that did not actually receive said votes in such a volume as to alter the outcome of the election;
  • votes for candidate Trump were immediately assigned to candidate Biden,
  • votes for candidate Trump were not tabulated.

We heard testimony that dead people voted, or that some voters never requested a mail in ballot but the register showed them as having already voted.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai who has three Masters degrees and a Doctoral degree in Math from MIT gave a most interesting presentation identifying the anomalies he found in the Arizona election by doing math/graph equations with number of people registered in Arizona and ballots casted.

He ran computer models to match the grafted outcome to find a solution to match what happened. After running it repeatedly to match the voting pattern, it turned out that Biden got 1.3 votes and Trump 0.3. This supports other testimony we heard about the anomalies in the numbers.

I was very disappointed that while we were conducting this fact finding hearing, the State of Arizona certified their General Election results.  The Arizona Secretary of State, the Governor of the State and the Attorney General of the State prematurely certified results resulting in that such action would deprive a candidate due process in the ongoing litigation regarding presidential electors.


One, the State Legislature needs to call an independent investigative Committee with subpoena power and money appropriated to investigate these allegations and to bring to justice upon any who were responsible for the corruption of this election.

Second, we must decertify our General Election.

Three, we must withhold our Eleven Electoral votes.

What has happened to the people of this country who would deliberately overthrow an election?  We are better than this, we must be better than this!  If we destroy our Constitutional Republic and the democratic process of electing our leaders, we are done and will be no better than the totalitarian counties that rein down tyranny upon their citizens.

Monday at 3pm there will be a rally and press conference at the Capitol with Legislators.  Protect our Vote! The three things I listed above will be the platform of our Rally and Press Conference.  If you can attend please be there.

God Bless the USA and the State of Arizona.


Sylvia Allen

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