Gila County Republican Committee Resolution on Selecting Arizona Electors



WHERE AS the 2020 President election has experienced serious and accumulating allegations of election irregularities and voter fraud across the country, AND,

WHERE AS Arizona is also experiencing an evolving series of allegations of serious election irregularities and voter fraud, AND,

WHERE AS presentations and testimony at the November 30, 2020, legislative 11th-hour hearing where experts, and eyewitnesses, and other qualified officials and authorities delivered substantial and convincing evidence of serious, and in some cases, intentional violations of voter law, counting procedures and protocols, AND,

WHERE AS mathematicians and computer experts demonstrated that the Dominion Voting Systems’ voting machines used in Arizona can be programmed to alter vote count numbers as well as percentages, and further, it was demonstrated that the machines can be easily hacked by outside sources, AND,

WHERE AS experts and statisticians at the hearing provided testimony and evidence of statistical anomalies in the vote count benefiting Joe Biden that could not have statistically occurred in an honest and legal election, AND,

WHERE AS Dominion Voting Systems is a foreign company operating out of Canada, and Canada has rejected Dominion Voting Systems marketing, and the State of Texas has repeatedly refused to use the Dominion voting machines because of their history of poor security and poor performance, AND,

WHERE AS Democrats in Arizona, and nationally, have consistently opposed any effort for more transparency in the election and vote counting process, AND,

WHERE AS the U.S. Constitution Article 2, Section 1, and various clauses places state legislatures responsible for selecting “electors” for their Electoral College members, AND,

WHERE AS the U.S. Constitution Article 2, Section 1, and various clauses describes the selection of electors as a federal function which supersedes any Arizona State Statutes, AND,

WHERE AS the U.S. Constitution Article 2, Section 1, and various clauses, does not mention any involvement of a State’s governor in this federal function of selecting Electors, THEREFORE,

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that the Gila County Republican Committee, on December 3, 2020, at its Executive Board meeting, voted to approve this resolution and request that both the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives immediately call themselves into session, whose purpose will be to process this federal function and select Electoral College Electors, AND,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Gila County Republican Committee fully supports the Arizona State Legislature’s efforts to select Electoral College Electors who support President Donald J. Trump, AND FURTHERMORE,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Gila County Republican Committee requests the Arizona State Legislature also immediately establish a Special Commission to include constitutional attorneys and election experts empowered with subpoena powers, adequately funded, whose purpose is to properly and thoroughly investigate the allegations of election vote count irregularities and voter fraud in the 2020 Arizona General Election, and provide a detailed report of its findings to the Arizona Legislature and Office of the Arizona Attorney General.

Gary P. Morris, Chairman

Gila County Republican Committee

5 December 2020

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