Hate Alters Reality and Judgement

Hate also creates significant stupidity and extreme high-risk actions.

Hate of President Trump altered the judgement of high-ranking officials in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department Justice. Hate drove these officials to engage in high risk and stupid actions to try to remove a duly elected President – and they failed. Many will end up in jail.

Hate drove the Mueller investigation. Some 19 investigators, 40 FBI agents and $40 MILLION was spent on trying to find any kind of criminal act committed by the President – and failed, deeply disappointing Democrats.

In another hate fueled misjudgment by the Democrats – they called Robert Mueller to testify before Congress hoping to get something on the President. The aging formal FBI Director stumbled and mumbled through many senior moments. It was an extraordinary failure.

That was followed by the biggest hate driven blunder yet when Speaker Pelosi prematurely announced that Democrats would initiate impeachment proceedings because a whistleblower had damning evidence on President Trump.

The following day, the whistleblowers complaint was released – full of hearsay and no evidence of a criminal act. The whistle blower stated, “I was not a direct witness to most of the events described”. Because he or she was not present, he/she is not eligible for whistleblower protections.

The whistleblower’s primary complaint is that during a phone call with the President of Ukraine, President Trump threatened suspending military aid unless Ukraine investigated misdeeds of the Bidens’ and claimed such actions were illegal. The subject of military aid threats was never discussed. And it’s legal for President Trump to request Ukraine investigate the Bidens. A treaty signed by President Clinton in 1995 allows the two countries to share corruption investigation information.

Additionally, Joe Biden, as Vice President, has publicly bragged that he threatened to withhold ONE BILLION Dollars of U.S. aid, if Ukraine did not fire the prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter. Ukraine fired the prosecutor.

Both the phone call transcripts and the whistle-blowers complaint are posted at www.gilagop.com.

The Democrat hate of President Trump has to stop. Hate has caused resistance of President Trump’s every attempt to create a better life for Americans. Hate has consumed all their time. The countries business is stalled. The booming Trump economy and low unemployment is at risk of loss. If you want to keep a better life, vote Republican.

Gary P. Morris, Chairman

Gila County Republican Party

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