CRC 9/30/2018 Kavanaugh Confirmation

The Gila County Republican Committee is concerned about allegations presented to the  U.S. Senate Judicial Committee regarding Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the lack of due process for the Judge.

To date, there has been no actionable evidence provided that law enforcement can pursue. What evidence is presented thus far by Professor Ford and the other accuser is vague and can’t be collaborated.

Judge Kavanaugh has NOT been afforded proper due process. The proper due process would have referred the allegations to local law enforcement for investigation and then deliver the results of that investigation to the Senate Judicial Committee.

The Gila County Republican Committee is reminded of an old, but famous, western movie called “The “Oxbow Incident”.

In the movie, a cowboy (Ford) barges into a saloon and announces that a well-known local rancher has been shot and killed by rustlers. Cowboys in the saloon (Democrats) quickly form an illegal posse which is opposed by the town Sheriff (Chairman Chuck Grassley).

They find three cowboys herding cattle. The cowboys claim they purchased the cattle from the rancher before he was killed, but do not have a bill of sale.

The captured cowboys are not taken to town to be interviewed by the Sheriff. The posse (Democrats) spends the evening debating the guilt of the three and determines that they are guilty and will be lynched (term for an illegal hanging) at sunrise. The lynching (Committee hearing) takes place at sunrise, and three innocent men are hanged.

Returning to town, the illegal posse is met by the sheriff who announces the rancher who was assumed dead was only wounded and is alive and the real bandits have been arrested.

Don’t let the Judicial Committee commit an “Oxbow Incident”.

What is known is that Judge Kavanaugh has an impeccable record as a judge and is fully qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice.

The Gila County Republican Committee of Arizona strongly recommends that the Senate support a vote immediately after this hearing, and that all Senate members vote to move the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation vote to the full Senate as soon as possible.

Gary Morris, Chairman

Gila County Republican Committee

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