ACT for America

It’s patriotic actions like yours that clarify with absolute precision, just how blessed we are to be Americans, and to be fighting together for the survival of this great nation.

You’ve touched my heart and inspired me beyond words.

As for our enemies, they also remain as emboldened as ever.

They’re hell-bent on destroying the very fabric of our society, to achieve their destructive “politically correct” agenda. There is nothing they won’t politicize, distort, or ignore to get what they want.

That’s why it’s critical that we remain as engaged as possible with one another.

We are the ONLY grassroots national security powerhouse that can hold our elected officials and the Lamestream Media accountable for both their actions, and inactions. WE have the power to get the word out about the stories the media refuses to cover through our far-reaching social media pages, and unleash a tsunami of calls to our elected officials about issues that concern us.

But we can’t take it for granted…

What good is such influence if you’re not willing to use it when necessary?

That’s what the media will never understand; they’ll never understand that our organizations are the voice of the silent majority. We can’t be bought, tamed, or silenced the way spineless politicians can.

We’re the ordinary American citizen, fed up with being told why those who claim to represent us, just can’t seem to follow through on their promises to protect this nation.

We’re fed up with being told why building the wall isn’t possible. We’re fed up with the open borders propaganda, and we’re not going to sit idly by and take it anymore!

We’re fed up with being called bigots and Islamophobes, simply for demanding enhanced vetting for those coming to America from terror-ridden nations, many to do us harm. We’re fed up with the interests of foreigners being prefaced over even our own military heroes.

Unlike DC, there’s no room for lame excuses in Act for America and other patriotic organizations. That I can promise you! You better believe we’re going to hold some feet to the fire, and demand accountability.

Thank you again for your patriotic activism,

Brigitte Gabriel

“You never really own freedom, you merely protect it for the next generation!”

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