What’s Happening with the Gila County Republican Party?

What’s Happening with the Gila County Republican Party?


My name is Gary Morris and I’m the Chairman of the Gila County Republican Party. As Chairman, my goal is to share with you, and other registered Republicans, what’s going on in Republican politics in Gila County and nationally.

In our joint efforts (you and I) to get Republicans elected (and re-elected) I believe it’s important that you be armed with good and accurate information (not fake news) so that you are better informed to share Republican principles and successes with family, friends, co-workers, etc. Will you join me in that effort?

Reagan Day Dinner

Next, let me tell you about an exciting opportunity to join other Republicans and meet directly with elected Republican officials, both from the national, state, and county levels. It’s a wonderful night out on the town experience.

Our 4th annual Reagan Day Dinner will be September 1st. The cash bar opens at 5 PM and Dinner is 6 PM. Our keynote speaker is Congressman Paul Gosar. Mike Broomhead of KFYI 550AM will entertain and other speakers will follow.

Congressman Gosar will provide the latest and greatest on what’s happening in the Washington D.C. swamp, along with current updates on health care, President Trump’s tax reduction plan and other success for the Trump Administration

Mazatzal Casino produces an elegant event and up to 200 fellow Republican may be attending. Tickets are $50.00 and can be purchased on our website www.gilagop.com/. Come and join us for a wonderful evening.

Now, some history and successes about the Gila County Republican Party.

For nearly 100 years, Gila County was a Democrat stronghold. In 2010, Republicans were 14 percent behind Democrats in voter registration in the county and Democrats held nearly all the 15 county’s elected offices. Today, Republicans are 27.6 percent ahead in voter registrations (a 42% swing) and the County is solidly red.

In 2012, the first Republican sheriff since statehood was elected. With the 2016 elections, Gila County experienced another historic event when Republicans ousted two incumbent Democrat members of the Gila County Board of Supervisors and for the first time since statehood all three members of the Gila County Board of Supervisors are Republicans.

Additionally, Republicans now hold all but four of the 15 elected offices in the county. And, in another major success for Gila County, Republican Frank Pratt defeated incumbent Democrat State Senator Barbara McGuire to make Arizona Legislative District 8 (south county) all Republican for the first time in recent memory.

For Legislative District 6, (north county) all three incumbent Republicans were re-elected. To achieve this success, the Gila County Republican Committee led a collaborative effort with the Rim Country Republican Club (Payson), the Cobre Valley Republican Club (Globe) and the Payson Tea Party whose presidents participated in the GCRC executive board meetings so that we all had a common goal and didn’t waste time, money or duplication of effort.

Precinct Committee men and women were major players in these successes. If you desire to have more influence on the election of Republican candidates, and the direction of the Republican party in the State, and would like to be a Precinct Committeeman or woman, please contact me at 928-478-8186

 KMOG Radio

Our monthly radio shows on KMOG 1420 AM radio continues. These shows occur at 9 AM the second Monday of the month for a one-hour show on the “Forum” with host Randy Roberson. I and Andy McKinney, who is the immediate past president of the Rim Country Republican Club, deliver the latest news regarding Republican issues at both the national, state, and county levels. This gives us a means to bypass the “fake news” and the left leaning Payson Roundup newspaper to carry the Republican message. Our next show is August 14th.

Gila GOP Website

The GCRC website continues to be updated thanks to the efforts of Shirley Dye and Glen Galster. I invite all of you to keep up with the new postings at www.gilagop.com.

Major Progress by the Trump Administration

The American people are seeing immediate benefits of the Trump Administration. Here’s some key points you can share in discussion and debates;

  • The successful appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court saved the country from sliding into a liberal socialistic disaster.
  • Trump may get a second true conservative Justice on the court. Liberal leaning Justice Kennedy has been advising applicants applying for his clerk positions that he may be retiring in the future. Another conservative Justice would strongly move the Court to a conservative position.
  • Since the election, more the $4 TRILLION of ADDED VALUE has been added to the stock market. That is helping everyone’s retirement 401K to grow – and that growth helps Republicans as well as Democrats.
  • Now, six months after taking office, the Trump affect has increased the stock market by 17%. On the other hand, following Obama’s election in 2008, the market decreased by 29%.
  • Border crossings have dropped as much as 72 percent in some areas of the border and the overall reductions are at 17-year low! Homeland security has been improved. That equals a reduction in welfare costs!
  • June’s new jobs surging ahead at an unexpected rate and well ahead of any job growth during the Obama Administration. June numbers showed continued acceleration of job creation, and now exceed 1 Million New Jobs Created. Companies Returning to America = More Jobs.
  • More Legislation Signed into law (41) than any past President in since Truman.
  • More than 90 executive orders–the most since President Truman.

Special Example. Veteran health care in hospitals is improving…veterans are now permitted to go other hospitals for care using a veteran’s insurance card. New Bill signed regarding VA administrator’s accountability – now firing!

  • Eliminating burdensome and unnecessary regulation by striking two existing regulations for each new regulation issued = More business and more jobs.
  • The House of Representatives has passed H.R.3011 “Kate’s Law” by Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), named for Kate Steinle, a San Francisco woman shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who was in the U.S. despite multiple deportations. They will mandate deportation of illegal immigrants in the country. Senate Democrats, however, have stalled the bill in the Senate.
  • The Trump Administration is also pursuing penalties on “sanctuary cities” who are protecting illegal immigrates.
  • Trump is proposing a huge tax reduction bill… That will help both business and jobs and more money in Americans pockets.

Another Item of Interest

Poll — Most-Vocal-Republican-Critics-Of-Trump-Are-The-Least-Popular

McCain, Graham, Flake — “Never-Trumpers in ’16” and “Gang of Eighters” — garnered the worst approval ratings of all GOP senators: …A new list of approval polls for all 50 U.S. senators released this week seems to indicate that the Republican senators with the lowest popularity among voters at home are those who have been the most vocally critical of President Donald Trump — and who have historically supported amnesty for illegal immigrants. The least popular GOP senators, according to the series of polls from Morning Consult, were — in this order — Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). McConnell, McCain, and Flake were the three least popular senators overall, regardless of party affiliation. Nearly half — 48 percent — of voters disapprove of McConnell. Nearly as many voters, 47 percent, disapprove of McCain. Flake has a disapproval rating of 45 percent, while 38 percent of voters disapprove of Graham.

Letter to the Editor

The Payson Roundup published my letter to the editor following the “assassination attempt” on Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise on June 14th (see below). This was the first of four letters that I’ve submitted to the editor since the campaign season started after the GOP convention last July. Three editions after my letter was published, the paper also published a letter from Precinct Committeeman Don Cline. And Don’s second letter was published on July 18th.

I had spoken with the Payson Roundup publisher, Mr. Brian Kramer, about taking a “fair and balanced” approach in publishing of Letters to the Editor during a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in May. My concern was the Roundup was publishing Democrat letters to the editor while Republican letters were being rejected. So perhaps that “balance” will now continue.

It should be noted, that the editor, Pete Alishire, couldn’t resist trying to cover for the Democrats with his added “editor’s note” at the bottom of the letter. He did the same for Don Cline’s second letter published on July 18th.

Additionally, another reporter, Max Foster, took on my letter, in a separate column of the paper, a few days later, tried to equate President Trumps recorded “locker room trash talk” (which we agree was deplorable) as worse than the “hate speech” currently being spewed by Democrats and the liberal left. Locker room trash talk at the same level as the current hate speech from the left…are you kidding Max? You can see his comments at the end of my letter to the editor at the end of this report. As Democrats often do, they go for the throat. There was no need for him to mention my employer other than an attempt to hurt my employment relationship.

And then there’s Democrat, and frequent letter to the editor writer, Mr. Raymond Spatti, also tried to justify Republican policy positions as hate speech. Here’s some excerpts:

“But then the hateful, Trumpesque letter by the ideological president of local republicans appeared in the Roundup aimed at blaming just one political party for the deranged individual who spewed his venom with a gun”.

“Clearly, the writer is simply following the abhorrent lead of the current president.”

Speaking of inciting violence, why do so many Republicans support the violence of legislation aimed at depriving 22 million people…of health care”.

Why do they defend the violence inflicted by the ever-expanding economic chasm between the hyper wealthy and the millions of people in our country who live for pay check to pay check?

Why do Republicans systematically inflict violence on more than a million Arizonians by persistently depriving our public schools of resources…”

I say to Mr. Spate: None of what you wrote meets the definition of “violence” but the possibility of the assassination of 22 U.S. Congressmen does!

Definition of violence:

Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. The unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force.

It was an assassination attempt

Jul 4, 2017                   Payson Roundup


Let me be direct, the shooting of Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, and the wounding of four other Republican congressmen, was an assassination attempt on the leadership of the government of the United States! Had there not been a good guy with a gun (two on-scene Capitol police officers) who took out a bad guy with a gun, 22 members of Congress would have been massacred!

The assassin was found to be a dedicated Democrat supporter who espoused hate for all Republicans. He was not insane. He thoughtfully and deliberately plotted. A review of his emails, Facebook, and Google searches determined he believed the vile and violent hate speech spewed about Republicans by the current Democratic Party.

Sadly, this assassination attempt was not unexpected. Republicans began experiencing an escalation of threats and physical assaults by Democrats, and the liberal left, starting last summer during the campaign. Since May, there have been 30 assaults, or serious threats, against Republican congressmen. In one case, a woman chased a congressman in her car and tried to run him off the road.

So, let’s take a look at some of the hateful, vile language and acts associated with Democrats that are inciting violence.

There are two known cases where Republicans were shot and killed by a Democrat during the election campaign in arguments over politics.

There are many videos of Democrat supporters physically assaulting and injuring Republicans who were attending campaign rallies as well as undercover videos of Democrat organizers bragging that they were hired by Democrat financiers for the sole purpose of disrupting Trump campaign events AND to assault Republicans. A Nebraska Democratic Party official was caught on tape stating “I’m glad he was shot … I wish he was dead” and a Democrat strategist has created a website titled “Hunt Republicans.”

Then there is comedian Kathy Griffin photographed holding a severed, blooded head of President Trump and actor Johnny Depp stating, “When’s the last time a president was assassinated by an actor” and added, “maybe it’s time.” Or, Charlie Sheen, after learning that Scalise had been shot, tweeted “Oh God, Trump next, please.” Eleven Hollywood actors have now made statements about assassinating President Trump.

There’s an ongoing play titled “Caesar in the Park” in New York City which is not about Caesar. Rather, it has a Trump look-a-like being assassinated. From the academic field, a Fresno State University professor tweeted, “Trump must hang … the sooner, and the higher, the better.”

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren claims the Republican heath care bill is “blood money” and Senator Chuck Schumer calls the bill “meaner” than the House bill and Hillary Clinton tweets Republicans are the “death party” if they pass a health care bill. Even President Obama’s used the term, “fundamental meanness” in describing the health care bill.

And so, it goes. And there are far more examples.

Democrats can’t deny this institutional hate. The above clearly demonstrates that Democrats have nothing to offer the American people other than hate, rage and intolerance which are inciting violence. Sadly, it’s spewed one assassination attempt and likely will cause more violence unless there is a determined change by the Democratic Party to become more civil and respectful of everyone’s political views.

Gary Morris, Chairman, Gila County Republican Party

Editor’s note: For what it’s worth, Wikipedia’s entry under “political assassinations” includes a list of assassinated politicians in the country’s history that includes 27 Democrats and 14 Republicans. This suggests violent, brutal, maybe crazy people do vile things on both sides. Perhaps it’s time for people on both sides to stop using violent, inflammatory language that sometimes sets off the nut jobs. Any incitement to violence is abhorrent — and a danger to our of civility and violence than Republicans.

The below was inserted into an article that Max Foster was writing about the Pine Library

Off base Gary, way off base.

After reading XXXXXXXXXXX(Employer) Gary Morris’ letter to the editor, “It was an assassination attempt” that appeared in the July 4 Payson Roundup, one has to wonder how did a man who dedicated so much of his life to public service became so jaded, and opinionated.

Sorry Gary, the two-party system works and Democrats are no more responsible for the demise of civility and violence than Republicans.

After all, it wasn’t a Democrat who insisted during his hot mic comments from 2005 that “p____ grabbing” was harmless locker room talk.

Those disgusting comments turned his violence into a slur used to politically harass and intimidate women.

Certainly, Gary wrote the letter as chairman of the Gila County Republican Party, but those of us who have risen to influential positions know what we write and say publicly can be construed as the sentiments of those we represent.


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