2022 Grand Opening of GCRC Headquarters

We want to thank all the candidates that came out to our Grand Opening last week! John Fillmore, Sherra Kissee, Brenda Barton, Kelly Townsend, Matt Salmon, Tom Morrissey, Dave Marshall Kevin Thompson, Nick Meyers, Susan Ward, Steve Christensen, Mark Deluzio, Steve Otto, Dave Laird, Tim Wright, Monica Wolhford, Darla Carlisle, Paul Gosar, Walt Blackman, Dave Cook, Bobby Davis, and Andy McKinney.

We had a great afternoon celebrating the opening of our 2022 Gila County Republican Party Headquarters. Thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate with us.

Senator Wendy Rogers Censured

On March 1, 2022, both democrats and republicans in the Arizona legislature joined to censure Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers for comments she made regarding the use of “public gallows” during a speech that she made to the American First Political Action Committee conference days earlier. The Arizona Senate was also concerned about her association with, and support of, the American First organization’s founder, Nick Fuentes. The Arizona Senate believed Fuentes has repeatedly demonstrated antisemitic speech and actions. To review senator Roger’s speech, follow this link Wendy Rogers Full APFAC Speech.

To review the video regarding the American First Political Action Committee’s founder, Nick Fuentes, follow this link Nick Fuentes Compilation Video